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Private - semi private - group classes


  • Private Sessions: Private sessions give clients a one-on-one experience customized to meet individual needs. 
  • Semi-Private Sessions: Duets and Trios may be scheduled with instructors by clients according to mutually agreed times.


  • GYROTONIC® Group Equipment Classes: These classes are limited to 4:
    • Intro to Gyrotonic Pulley Tower - no previous experience is required
    • Beginning Gyrotonic Pulley Tower - minimum of 3 privates are required to participate in this class.
    • Intermediate Pulley Tower - for experienced clients.
    • Advanced Pulley Tower - this class is for advanced clients and teachers.
  • GYROKINESIS® Group Classes: Exercises are done seated on stools, kneeling, seated on floor, lying on floor or standing.  The Gyrokinesis classes are customized to the students.  There is a maximum of 8 in each class.


Single Private Session:  $95

10 Private Sessions:  $875

Single Duet Session:  $55

10 Duet Sessions: $475

Single Group Equipment Class (limited to 4 people):  $35

10 Group Equipment Classes:  (limited to 4 people):  $275

Single Group Gyrokinesis Class (limited to 8 people): $20

10 Group Gyrokinesis Classes:  (limited to 8 people): $175

For questions or to schedule a Private or Semi-Private Session, please email:  kathy@kathyvanpatten.com